Sunday, June 1, 2014


Remember how surprised I was a few weeks ago when I found out that I was the female overall winner at Shanty 2 Short's? Well, I was equally surprised when I found out that it was mentioned in the newspaper the following week!

Straight from the front page of the sports section of The Antrim Review (May 15, 2014)!
I might not be visible in the picture, but I was mentioned in the text of the article as being the top female finisher. This is why I love small town races! Not only am I fast enough to snag a medal, but it is also considered to be a newsworthy event!

On a less happy note, the doctor thinks my left foot pain is a stress fracture. I am still crossing my fingers that it isn't a major injury. I should find out for certain on Wednesday.


  1. Being the overall female winner is a big deal lady! Congrats again! Keep running like this and you'll be famous before you know it ;-)

    1. And I hope the doctor is wrong! Sending you positive vibes that it's nothing major!