Monday, August 25, 2014

Marathon Week 10

Last week was a cut back week and for that I am so grateful! I have been feeling really fatigued lately and just sort of "off." I'm not sure that anything is actually wrong, but even though I am getting plenty of sleep at night (8 hours almost every night), I still feel like I need a nap after work everyday. Hopefully this week feels better.

Week 10
Monday: rest
Tuesday: 5.12
Wednesday: 6.3
Thursday: 5.02
Friday: rest
Saturday: 6.3
Sunday: 11.58

Total miles: 34.32

In spite of my fatigue, most of my runs seemed to go very well. I don't recall having any IT Band problems. I even made an effort to log a few sub-8 miles this week. I realized I haven't done much fast running since my injury. Sure, I have done fast finishes and a few strides, but that is fast in relation to my predicted marathon pace, not my half marathon or 5k race paces. With three weeks until my next 5k and four weeks until my half marathon, I might want to start thinking about running at those paces.

The one run that did not go as planned was my long run on Sunday, but that is a whole different post.


  1. Your week looks like it went pretty good! Cutback weeks are so nice. I look forward to them in my training plans, lol!

    1. Me too. I like knowing that the week following the cutback my legs will be feeling a bit more rested. Plus I like being able to break a long training plan down into smaller segments: 2-3 weeks of building and then a cutback week (repeat, repeat, repeat).