Monday, November 17, 2014

Weekly Recap

Monday: 4.02 miles, 5:00 running, 1:00 walking
Tuesday: rest
Wednesday: 4.02 miles, 7:00 running, 1:00 walking
Thursday: rest
Friday: 4.2 miles, 9:00 running, 1:00 walking
Saturday: rest
Sunday: 3.4 miles, 7:00 running, 1:00 walking

Total miles: 15.64

Confession: I was feeling really good on Friday and pushed the pace quite a bit during the last half mile. That was definitely a mistake and has resulted in a very tight right calf on Saturday. I had a difficult time determining if it was just normal, ran-too-hard pain or angry injury pain. It didn't feel quite the same as the injury so I'm hoping it is just normal pain. I can actually feel a tight, knotted muscle in my calf, which wasn't the case with my calf strain.

Confession 2: When I went out for a run on Sunday my calf was still pretty tight. I probably shouldn't be pushing it if there was a chance it was injury related pain, but I wanted to run. So I did. I did cut back my planned distance and reduced my pace by quite a bit. I could tell when I was running that this definitely was NOT injury pain. It felt completely fine during the running bits. Definitely just a tight muscle.

Confession 3: I gave Mr. Shoe approximately 0.2 seconds notice that I was going to take that picture. He walked in the door, I yelled at him to not take his jacket off, and then snapped the picture. Sorry, not sorry.


  1. Cute picture! Foam roll that calf!!

    1. Thanks! I've been foam rolling it a couple times a day and it is definitely helping!