Tuesday, January 27, 2015

DPHM Week 8

Monday: rest
Tuesday: 5.4 with 6x400
Wednesday: 3.4
Thursday: 5.48
Friday: rest
Saturday: 10.92
Sunday: rest (unscheduled)

Total Miles: 25.2

On Tuesday the closest running route to my apartment was a wet, slippery mess. This really interfered with my plan to run 5 miles with 2-3 miles at tempo pace. Running fast requires traction. There was, however, a really nice clear section that was about a quarter of a mile long. When I got to the dry section after about 2 miles of playing "Ice or Puddle?", I wanted to stay there. To make it interesting I ran hard for the length of the dry section (about 400m), then turned around and jogged back to the start.

My pace for these intervals was a bit too slow to really be an effective workout, but I hadn't run intervals in quite some time and didn't want to over do it. Average pace for each interval was 7:45. Because this wasn't an ideal speed session I added a fast finish to both Thursday's and Saturday's run.

Celebratory wine!
On Friday Mr. Shoe and I closed on our first home so this weekend was primarily dedicated to moving. I moved my long run from Sunday to first thing Saturday morning to get it out of the way before our family came over to help us move. I was also planning on running just 10 miles but miscalculated my route. This was also my first double digit run since my calf strain! I had no issues during the run. My average pace was 8:55 with a pretty solid negative split (second half was 2:45 faster than the first).

Icy river I ran beside on my long run.
 Almost 11 miles followed by a long day of moving boxes from a second story apartment to a three story condo left my legs absolutely shot. I had time for a short run on Sunday (after a second day of moving) but honestly my legs were so tired I thought it was better to take an extra rest day. I was worried that I'd come in under 25 miles total for the week and really pleased to see I that I just made it.

Loving the contrast between the dull greys of winter and my bright new shoes.
Goals for week 9: 30 miles of running, one tempo run, 12 mile long run


  1. CONGRATS on your new home!! That's so exciting!!

    I hate the "ice or puddle" game, lol. It's bad enough when I'm walking, during a run it's just scary!

    Good job getting your 25 miles in! I haven't hit mileage that high in months, and it's kind of embarrassing. But marathon training is starting in a few weeks so these low mileage weeks are about to be ancient history!

    1. Thanks! It feels great to be actually hitting my weekly mileage goals again!

      Enjoy your last few weeks of easy running!