Monday, December 7, 2015

Weekend recap!

Last week almost felt like a normal week of running. For the first time post-marathon I ran 5 days/week and I had a sort of long run on Saturday. In addition to running more, I had a jam-packed weekend! My life is usually pretty boring. I run a lot, I sleep a lot, I eat a lot. Sometimes I take selfies with my cat (please try not to be jealous of my glamorous lifestyle). This weekend my husband and I left our boring comfort zone and tried a few new things.

Friday night happy hour aka a normal Friday night
Friday after work we headed downtown to grab a happy hour drink at Grizzly Peak Brewing Co. Beer of the night: 4k Hoppy Wheat, brewed from half Vienna & Wheat malts and generously hopped with Liberty & Willamette hops. It is the 4,000th batch of beer that Grizzly Peak has brewed.

After our beers we walked over to the farmers market to check out Christkindlmarket, a German Christmas market. We sipped Gl├╝hwein (hot, spiced wine) while we browsed the booths filled with hand made gifts and snacks. There were also fire pits available to warm up and roast s'mores. We completely lost track of time listening to the live music and the Christmas carolers.

My band geek husband loved that there was a clarinet.
I started Saturday morning with a sixty minute run and then met two of my college friends for an afternoon of shopping, eating, and non-stop talking. The mall was extra crazy (of course) and I was disappointed to discover that the bracelet I wanted to get my sister for Christmas has sold out both in stores and online. So I'm back to the drawing board for her present. Boo!

It was a wonderful day spent with friends, but I had to rush home so I could head to another brewery with Kendall. This time it was Wolverine State Brewing Co for their 5th anniversary party. Beer of the night: Vers l'avant, a golden lager made with Michigan Bartlett Pears and aged in white wine barrels. We stayed later than anticipated so we could check out the bluegrass band that was supposed to start at 9, but actually started around 9:30/9:45.

Wolverine for life. Go Blue!
By the time I got home Saturday night I was exhausted. So exhausted that I almost canceled our Sunday plans. All I wanted to do was stay in bed all day but instead I was dragged out to check out a new running group (more on this later this week). After the run we spent the afternoon doing all of our normal weekend things: grocery shopping, house cleaning, meal prepping. After three busy days, I am officially ready for another weekend.

Running totals
Monday: rest
Tuesday: 4.54 miles
Wednesday: 3.75 miles
Thursday: 3.76 miles
Friday: rest
Saturday: long run! I ran for just over an hour. It was my longest run since the marathon, and came in somewhere around 6.5 miles.
Sunday: Donut Dash 5k (more on this later)

Total Miles: I'd need to double check my Garmin, but around 21-22 miles.


  1. Sounds like a fun weekend! I'm curious about the Donut Dash. Donuts and running are two of my favorite things...

  2. That beer sounds delicious and right up my alley! Awesome week of running! You did pretty much the exact mileage I was supposed to do except I skipped all of my runs, whoops!

  3. Sounds like a perfect weekend! I love Christmas Markets. I wish that the ones in Pittsburgh served wine..stupid alcohol laws in PA! Great job running. It feels so good to get back in the swing of running after a race, right?

  4. Your glamorous lifestyle = my glamorous lifestyle too. I like it! ;)

    Looks like a great week of running and a fun weekend of dashing about!

  5. My boyfriend would love this, he is a huge craft beer nerd as well. Your weekend sounds delightful - I love those weekends that end up jam packed with all the right stuff. Can't wait to hear about your 5K!