Monday, March 23, 2015

S2S 5k - Week 3

Supposed to be injury prevention day, but my laziness took over and this turned into a rest day.

5x2:00 at 5KE followed by 3:00 of recovery. With a 2 mile warm up and a 2 mile cool down this workout totaled 7.1 miles.

4.1 miles extra easy. Last week I ended up running some hilly routes on my easy days and it lead to some very cranky legs. Not wanting to repeat that mistake, I stuck to a mostly flat route and kept the pace very slow.

Hill repeats: 8x60s uphill with 4 minutes of active recovery in between. The last couple hill repeats were rough, but somehow I managed to finish them all. Total distance for the day was 4.72 miles. I was planning on a longer cool down, but needed to cut it short.

The guilt of skipping Monday's injury prevention work caught up with me around 9:30 pm Friday night. I ended up doing core and leg strengthening, foam rolling, and a short yoga session. Definitely patting myself on the back for doing this workout instead of going straight to bed (yes, 9:30 on a Friday night is an appropriate bed time, and yes, I am that cool).

Another short, easy run. At the beginning of my run I ended up finding one of my runner friends on the trail so we chatted for first half of my run. Having company made it easy to keep the pace light and conversational. 5.18 miles

I went into my long after a night of too many drinks and too little sleep. I was surprised that I actually felt decent during the run. My legs were tired and my mind was not at all into running, but I was out there getting it done. After about 5 miles I decided that was probably enough for the day. I pushed through a difficult long run last weekend and this weekend I was just not up for powering through. I ended up with 6.43 miles.

I'm trying not to be disappointed that I bailed on my long run yesterday. Even though I was running similar mileage in January and February, I was running almost all easy miles. At most I would get in two quality workouts (on speed session and one long run). This training plan has 3 quality sessions per week; it makes sense that I am feeling tired. I am hoping that cutting back a bit this week will allow me to move into week 4 feeling strong.

Total miles: 27.53


  1. Great job this week! That's good that you got your missed workout done, but I'm sure your body was probably thanking you for the extra rest on Monday.

    I wouldn't beat yourself up too much over shortening your long run. If it's a disagreement between your body and your training plan, your body should always win. Maybe just swap this past week with an upcoming cutback week :)

    1. My plan doesn't actually have cutback weeks, but it also doesn't really have a set number of miles to run each day either. I wrote my plan to have set workouts (intervals on Tuesday, hills or form drills on Thursday, long run Sunday. But for miles per day it is just 5-7 miles most days and Sunday is 10-12ish miles. So it gives me a lot of room to increase/decrease mileage based on how I am feeling, which I really appreciate.

  2. Great job this week! I would definitely make sure you work in some cut back weeks if your plan doesn't have them built in. They're really important for recovery. Typical tri plans have them every fourth week, which always feel so well timed to tired legs.

    1. Thanks! I worked on scheduling my weekly mileage a bit more thoroughly last night and built in a couple weeks of reduced mileage to give my legs a chance to catch up.